Inspire Interventions, founded by Shari Ferguson, is based in San Diego, California.

Inspire Interventions helps families and employers design an affordable plan to face the challenges created by alcoholism, drug addiction, grief, and other life issues.

You may be wondering if NOW is the right time to call Inspire Interventions. Ask yourself if any of these questions apply.

  • When your addicted loved one leaves the house, do you fear it will be the last time you see them alive?
  • Are you afraid a tragic accident will happen? Afraid you will be left with feelings of guilt because you didn’t do something?
  • Have you continually smelled alcohol on an employee or loved one or gotten tired of their frequent absences and tardiness?
  • Worried they may harm themselves or someone else?
  • Are you at your wit’s end with your employee, friend or loved one? Are you wondering how you are going to deal with their behavior, alcohol dependency or drug abuse?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, then it’s time for an intervention.

With Inspire Interventions it does not need to get worse before you get the guidance you need to help them. You don’t need to wait for them to “hit rock bottom” and you don’t need to continue to suffer.  That is why you hire an interventionist. Together we design a plan to assist you, and help your loved one or employee realize now is the time to accept the love and help being offered.

Call or email for information at no obligation. Together we will design a plan to help those you love find recovery, so your family can find hope, begin to heal, reconnect and communicate in a healthy way.

Inspiring change with HOPE,
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