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Family & Friend Assessment Test

UNCOPE Questions for Concerned Others to Screen for an Alcohol or Drug Abuse Problem*

The UNCOPE screening test, consists of six questions found in existing instruments and assorted research reports. This excellent screen test was first reported by Hoffmann and colleagues in 1999. The six questions provide a simple and quick means of identifying whether the person you are concerned about is at risk for abuse or dependence for alcohol and other drugs. Take the screening test and circle a “yes” or “no” at the end of each of the questions. Answer the questions to the best of your knowledge. You may find it interesting, comforting and necessary to have others in your support network take this screening test as well. It almost always will result in interesting discussion among those who take it because each person may have observed different drinking and drug use behaviors over the past year. The scoring of the screening test is found at the end of the six questions.


“In the past year, have you ever observed the individual you are concerned about drinking or using drugs more than he/she meant to?” -OR- “Have you noticed the person you are concerned about spending more time drinking or using than he/she intended to?”
Yes or No


“Have you ever seen the individual you are concerned about neglecting some of his/her usual responsibilities because of using alcohol or drugs?”
Yes or No


“Have you seen the individual you are concerned about wanting or needing to cut down on his/her drinking or drug use in the last year?”
Yes or No


“Have you or anyone else objected to the drinking or drug use of the individual you are concerned about?”
Yes or No


“Have you ever found the individual you are concerned about preoccupied with wanting to use alcohol or drugs?” -OR- “Have you found the individual you are concerned about thinking and talking a lot about drinking or using?”
Yes or No


“Have you ever observed or been worried that the individual you are concerned about is using alcohol or drugs to relieve emotional discomfort, such as sadness, anger or boredom?”
Yes or No


Two “Yes” answers indicate a strong likelihood of an alcohol and/or drug abuse problem.

Four or more “Yes” answers strongly indicate an alcohol and/or drug dependence problem.

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* Taken from Linking Human Systems, LLC Landau Network website. The original screening is by Hoffmann, N. G. Retrieved from: