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Inspire Interventions
Continuing Care

Continuing Care begins when the addicted individual enters treatment and lasts for 6 months. Ultimately the goal is to inspire individual and family healing and recovery while encouraging communication. If possible, it includes the family and individual becoming involved in a 12-step program. Inspire Interventions continuing care focuses on working with the intervention network and addicted individual to prevent relapse, initiate long-term recovery, and complete the work towards family healing and recovery. The recovery process is not just for the addicted individual. The entire network will make a commitment to the process of recovery. That will include addiction education, therapy (if appropriate), and weekly follow up with your network. This ensures personal growth, behavioral changes, and continuing communication for the addicted individual and family to lessens the chance of relapse. Individual, couples and family therapy referrals are provided when appropriate.


All aspects of the intervention are completely confidential.


Inspire Interventions does not receive referral fees from any treatment center. Most importantly, we are committed to making interventions accessible, affordable and to upholding the high ethical standards of the Association of Intervention Specialists

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