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The Intervention Process

During the intervention process, Inspire Interventions will work with families and employers to design an affordable, loving and respectful plan to face the challenges created by alcoholism, drug addiction, eating disorders, grief, psychiatric disorders, “process” or “behavioral” addictions and other life issues.


  • This plan will include assessing the situation, making several treatment program suggestions and guiding you through the entire intervention process.
  • We will connect you with the most appropriate resources to help the person struggling make the choices needed to move from the active disease of addiction into an effective and supportive treatment experience.
  • We know every family, company, and situation is different making each intervention unique. Below is an example of what the process could look like. The crisis intervention process due to the threat of imminent danger, death or psychiatric emergency and due to the urgency of the situation is an accelerated process.
Together we will design a plan to help your loved one or employee choose to accept the gift of treatment and recovery. We will build a road map that helps the whole family system find hope, begin to heal, reconnect and communicate in a healthy way.

Assessment & Coordination

We know that you, your family and friends have the ability to inspire your loved one to take that first step toward recovery, with guidance. This is true, no matter how you feel, even if you’re scared, angry or insecure. We will get to know you and your family, along with the friends who will be involved in the intervention. Together we create a family map, and immerse ourselves in the history and story of your loved one and their addiction. As a team we will help you assemble your intervention network or “Board of Directors”. We accomplish this by assessing appropriate participants for the intervention/family meeting.
  •  We will work with the key family members to determine the best time and place for a successful meeting.
  • Members of the intervention network will understand their role prior to the family meeting/intervention.
  • Your intervention network (family, friends, coworkers) will make every decision. That eliminates your addicted loved ones ability to pressure anyone one-on-one and undermine the process. This ends the cycle of shame, blame and guilt for the individuals involved. Because everyone will be working as a united front.
  • Together, we will compile a complete review of physical and mental health, current lifestyle circumstances, chemical dependency status and other addictive behaviors. Along with educational and vocational history, financial considerations and legal concerns.  This includes a complete list of drugs; prescribed and other, and alcohol currently being used, other addictive behaviors, educational and vocational history, financial considerations and legal concerns.
  • Your loved one’s addiction will be examined, discussed, and processed prior to the intervention. We do this to clarify any concerns or considerations your loved one might have. Concerns which would detract from the primary focus of the intervention. That includes factors such as employment situations, family needs, financial obligations and scheduling problems.
  • We will prepare your group by helping you get your eyewitness accounts in order and ready to share with your loved one. Presenting your stories and concerns as a group is more effective than one on one confrontation. There really is strength in numbers. The truth will be delivered with love and purpose.
  • We will communicate with the treatment center regarding the clinical aspects of your loved one’s history to provide an efficient admission.
  • Finally we will discuss with the designated escort team the logistics of delivering your loved one to treatment.
 The intervention begins with an invitation to your loved one to participate in a family meeting. Finally, with that invitation, change begins.

The Intervention

Finally, have faith in the knowledge that love is the primary reason for change. The family meeting will occur at the predetermined location. We review key objectives, provide group encouragement and answer last minute questions. Ultimately when they arrive, we will engage him or her to move from resistance to acceptance, and begin real change.
  • Ultimately our goal is that he/she will seek immediate treatment that day.
  • Most importantly, we remain flexible for any unexpected changes.

Post-Intervention – Continuing Care Shari will debrief with the group after the intervention is complete.

  • She will interact with the treatment team at the facility to ensure patient is participating in the master treatment plan.
  • While the AI is in treatment Shari will continue to follow up with you on a weekly basis. The network of intervention participants will continue to act as a Board of Directors.  So no one makes decisions one-on-one with the addicted individual
  • Ultimately, the recovery process is not just for the AI. The entire network will make a commitment to the process of recovery. That will include addiction education, therapy (if appropriate), and weekly follow up with your network. This ensures personal growth, behavioral changes, and continuing communication for the addicted individual and family to lessens the chance of relapse. When appropriate we will provide referrals for individual, couples and family therapy.
  • Finally, Inspire Interventions will collaborate with the addicted individual, the treatment center, and your intervention network to ensure treatment completion, relapse prevention, and the resolution of grief, codependency and other issues at the root of the addictive disease.
    Please call for more information, at no obligation, and let’s figure out a way to help those you love find recovery, so your family can begin to heal, reconnect and communicate in a healthy way. Our number is (855) 694-6734.


All aspects of the intervention are completely confidential.


Inspire Interventions does not receive referral fees from any treatment center. We are committed to making interventions accessible, affordable and to upholding the high ethical standards of the Association of Intervention Specialists.

Contact us for information at no obligation. Because together we can design a plan to help those you love find recovery, so your family can find hope, begin to heal, reconnect and communicate in a healthy way.Call (310) 951-3717.